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Give Me That Extra Day!

For those of you that know me KNOW that I’m a product girl!! Even if it’s one staple product that gets you through the week.

So many of my friends and clients are asking me how they can get that extra day out of their hair because washing it is such a chore!

So here are a few tips and products that might just get you that extra day you’ve been praying to the hair gods for!!

  • Tip 1 – DON’T wait until the last day!! Use the dry shampoo the day before you know you’re going to start to feel oily through your roots. You won’t feel as gritty or dirty because there’s less oil to soak up. The product is there acting like a preventative so new oil won’t shine through.
  • Tip 2 – If the product isn’t mixed well it all sits at the bottom and you don’t get the actual mixture of product the manufacturers intended, so before use give it a good shake. Also, it means the product won’t be as powdery.
  • Final Tip – Section your hair and target the actual areas you want to cover. Use short bursts to ensure the perfect amounts of product is sprayed. This means a more even use of product into the area you want. Wait 5 minutes for your dry shampoo to work its magic, and then brush it out. This will give you a nicer feel at the roots and not as tho you’ve got an entire can of product in your hair!!

NOTE:  DO NOT use Dry Shampoo more than a few days in a row! You’re suffocating those poor hair follicles of yours and can cause some serious damage in the future. So as difficult as if is especially in winter, just give it a wash.


Oribe Dry

The pot of gold – Oribe Dry Texture Spray (around $60)

Oribe Dry Texture Spray is THE ultimate product to bring your hair back to red carpet ready… or just fourth day ready!

The smell is absolutely amazing. Every product in the Oribe family have the same signature scent and is not only designed to smell amazing but it’s also designed to never overpower your own perfume, there for not altering your unique personal sent.

How to use it.

Spray about 20cm from your roots (also works on your ends) and it will soak up those lingering oils while giving it volume and texture. It won’t leave you feeling powdery at the roots like some rival products do.

I love using this product once I’ve finished blow waving my hair and adding a few soft waves. By spraying the Oribe Dry Texture Spray throughout my hair in large sections and break the texture up with my fingers, it gives the hair weightless lived in texture. ( for those of you that like the same look but with a little more shine, try the Oribe Apres Beach Waves)

Quia DryThe new kid on the block – OUAI Dry Shampoo ($37)

OUAI is an American brand created by one of the world’s leading hairstylist Jen Atkin. They’re big believers that life’s hard but your hair shouldn’t be and have incorporated that into the design of the products.

This Dry Shampoo is pretty traditional in the sense that it’s really just designed to soak up that oil at the roots (or through ends).

The smell is quite sweet but not overpowering. No sign of residue which is a definite yes from me and there’s no irritation like some products can give you. Being super affordable I’ve definitely kept this in my hair wardrobe for a couple of months now and am loving it.

The best way to use this is to shake well, part your hair where you need the product to work its magic and spray (again using short bursts and around 20cm from the scalp) making sure to leave it for a few minutes to soak. Don’t be afraid to use this product pretty heavily. Then brush or shake your fingers through the roots and you’re done!

Mr Smith DryThe Cool Kid – MR.SMITH Dry Shampoo ($37)

Mr Smith is a Melbourne owned and made product created to work alongside the world’s best session stylist. In saying that this dry shampoo won’t leave any kind of residue on the hair, soaks up quickly and leaves the hair feeling fresh and ready for another day work!

The smell is very androgynous so even guys can use this product if you like a matte powdery feel and look to the hair.

Again section your hair where you need to eliminate the oils and let it do its thing.

How to wear your hair when it’s at its dirtiest.

My go to is when I’m on that third day look and my roots are a little worse for wear is the messy ponytail.

  • Step 1 –  Go to town with a Dry Shampoo on those roots.
  • Step 2 – Then add texture spray to make your ends look gritty and lived in.
  • Step3 – Then gather your hair into a low pony (or whatever height you prefer) and tie off with a hair tie.
  • Step 4 – Pull out some pieces around your face just to soften the look (You can judge how much is enough but don’t go too crazy).
  • Step 5 – Add a little hair clip. this will take your pony from average to runway ready. There are so many simple metal hair accessories around at the moment so don’t be scared to accessories. And you’ve got yourself another day of stylish hair.


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